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Using Microsoft Word to Manage your References

on October 11, 2011


Microsoft Office has the capacity to manage your referencing for your academic work.You will need to enter your source and then as you type, you can place details of the source next to each citation. At the end of the essay, you can then create a bibliography.Below is a link to a handout in Word format, which explains how you can do this.

You will also need to follow instructions on this website which will show how you can make sure that ‘Harvard’ is included as a ‘style’ in the list of styles from which you can choose. It also shows how your sources can be exported from one computer to another. A tiny bit technical, but the instructions are quite good.
Download: How to manage references in Word 2007


4 responses to “Using Microsoft Word to Manage your References

  1. debseed says:

    I never knew that!

  2. nosidoog says:

    Thanks for sharing this Ros!! Where were you when I needed you 10 years ago!

  3. Gemma Holtam says:

    Hey, I wanted to say thanks for this too. I will def be trying it out soon.

  4. vj49 says:

    Hi Ros thanks for sharing this, it’s best thing since sliced bread and will be using immediately!!

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