Task 5: Discuss the use of blogs

In Task 5, we have been asked to consider the way the blog can be used and how we are using ours. I am not using the blogs a great deal – I am finding time to have a quick flick through about once a week. One thing I have done today is worked out how to set up the RSS reader in Google, so that I can try to follow what other people are doing. Again, it will come down to time as to how much I read.  I am tending to respond to the task requests rather than posting anything else.


I do find the blogs more interesting to read when they contain images and links, so I am also trying to include those myself.

I have added a subscribe button to my blog, so people can subscribe by email and, imagine my excitement, when 3 people actually thought my blog worth following! (They may unsubscribe after this post!)


I do still prefer the immediacy of social networking, such as Facebook (for friends), LinkedIn (for professional networking) and Twitter – well, I’m not quite sure why I use  Twitter at the moment, but I’m working on it.

I hope that now I have the RSS feeds set up, I may start to find some benefit to using the blogs as well.



One thought on “Task 5: Discuss the use of blogs

  1. Hi Ros Like you, I like the social networking sites, particularly Twitter, but I also like reading the posts that come through Google reader, I treat them a bit like newspapers, having a read when I’ve got half an hour or so to spare.

    I do think its a good idea to subscribe to just one or two at first (as long as they post fairly regularly). If you get too many feeds coming through it can be a bit overwhelming!

    Still subscribed! See you on Saturday..

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