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Task 5: Discuss the use of blogs

on October 11, 2011

In Task 5, we have been asked to consider the way the blog can be used and how we are using ours. I am not using the blogs a great deal – I am finding time to have a quick flick through about once a week. One thing I have done today is worked out how to set up the RSS reader in Google, so that I can try to follow what other people are doing. Again, it will come down to time as to how much I read.  I am tending to respond to the task requests rather than posting anything else.


I do find the blogs more interesting to read when they contain images and links, so I am also trying to include those myself.

I have added a subscribe button to my blog, so people can subscribe by email and, imagine my excitement, when 3 people actually thought my blog worth following! (They may unsubscribe after this post!)


I do still prefer the immediacy of social networking, such as Facebook (for friends), LinkedIn (for professional networking) and Twitter – well, I’m not quite sure why I use  Twitter at the moment, but I’m working on it.

I hope that now I have the RSS feeds set up, I may start to find some benefit to using the blogs as well.



One response to “Task 5: Discuss the use of blogs

  1. debseed says:

    Hi Ros Like you, I like the social networking sites, particularly Twitter, but I also like reading the posts that come through Google reader, I treat them a bit like newspapers, having a read when I’ve got half an hour or so to spare.

    I do think its a good idea to subscribe to just one or two at first (as long as they post fairly regularly). If you get too many feeds coming through it can be a bit overwhelming!

    Still subscribed! See you on Saturday..

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