iPads and MindMapping

These are the things exciting me this week.

I have been using Mind Jet’s Mind Mapping Pro software to help me to organise my reading. I find it really useful to mindmap ideas. Trying to understand the article by Mayes and de Freitas, it was useful to mindmap the Associationist, Situative & cognitive perspectives to see the key features of each. My only problem with this is the software was a free download for 30 days and the free trial is running out! Can anyone recommend any free mindmapping software? I do like the way that Mind Mapping Pro can take a mindmap and convert it into text. I have used that in the past to structure reports. (I had a much older version, but it doesn’t seem to like Windows 7).

I think I may be in love!

I have treated myself – I have an iPad. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when it arrived. I had to pinch the money from my savings and have promised myself to pay it back into my savings account at £40 per month, but it is worth it! Oh, I am so in love with the touch of it, the look of it – I may even get round to finding out what it does soon!!!

I’m keen to research educational uses and have started to do some reading – on the iPad of course – but this is taking me away from the work I should be doing on my Masters. Hoping that I may be able to combine the two at some stage. In the meantime, I will just carry on cuddling my latest gadget – one that I can even take to bed without my husband objecting, because it has iBooks on it and I’ve downloaded some Dickens to read before going to sleep!


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