Task 7: Comment on other people’s design project ideas

Surprised myself here – I had been and commented on some other design project ideas without knowing that this was the next task to complete:


http://gemmateaches.wordpress.com/2011/11/06/design-ideas/ – I liked the way that Gemma put forward several ideas and then asked the readers to choose one. It made me feel much more involved as a reader to know that my opinion would be considered (whether she took any notice of it or not!).

We all like an audience for our work.

I guess that in writing a blog, we want an audience. But how do we know that anyone is following us or reading what we write?

I know a couple of people have ‘subscribed’ to follow my blog? Help, I thought, that means I will have to try to make it worth people reading now!

I also looked at the stats in the admin area which showed me who was reading and following. When I put up the Word doc with the details about how to reference work, that provoked a mini peak in my profile. So, adding something that people want clearly works. I will have to work out a way of creating a voucher that gives people free chocolate – that should attract an audience!

In the meantime, I will try to be an ‘audience’ to my e-learning colleagues and go and read and comment on a few more design projects.


2 thoughts on “Task 7: Comment on other people’s design project ideas

  1. My stats peaked as well when I put up my referencing task. Interesting…. The article I mentioned to you yesterday is Lunenberg, Korthagen and Swennen (2007) The teacher educator as a role model – it’s available through Summon.

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