Task 4: Edit Blogroll

For our fourth task, I had to add some other blogs to my Blogroll. Not being a regular Blog reader, I had to start thinking about what to add. One obvious link is the link to the main blog for this course. Then I started thinking about who I had found inspirational in the world of ICT and Education. I have added a couple of links – Joe Dale is a linguist who has found some very inspirational ways of using ICT in language learning. He has a great Twitter feed, which I do already follow and through him I met up with some really fun and exciting people at Language World a few years ago. I used to be a ‘guru’ in the area of ICT and languages (someone else’s descrioption, not mine). As my work has led me away from languages, I have missed out a bit on the developments in ICT for language-learning and Joe’s work helps me to stay in touch. I have also added Danny Nicholson. We worked together at an organisation called MPowerNet and we have kept in touch since. He is a ‘friend’ on Facebook and constantly makes me laugh but I haven’t really read his blog before. There are some other candidates to be added, but I will have to find a bit more time to do some reading.


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